Professional operation steps for bench drills

Professional operation steps for bench drills:

Before operation, it is necessary to familiarize oneself with the performance, purpose, and operating precautions of the machine. It is strictly prohibited for beginners to operate the machine alone;

Operators must pass training, exams, or assessments before being certified to operate.

Operators should wear appropriate clothing, tie their sleeves tightly, and strictly prohibit wearing gloves during operation. Girls should wear safety helmets.

Before starting the machine, check that the contacts on the power plug and socket are reliable and free from looseness and poor contact;

Check whether the drill wrench and electrical switch are sensitive, and whether the rotating parts are well lubricated.

Before machine operation, the handle that should be locked must be tightened, and the workpiece should be securely clamped.

When drilling brittle metal materials, protective glasses should be worn to prevent chips from injuring people.

When installing or disassembling fixtures, special elastic keys should be used. It is strictly prohibited to directly strike the fixture gears with various metal hard objects to prevent damage to the equipment or injury to people with brittle chips.

When drilling, the feed pressure should not be too strong. If the drill bit is not sharp, the workpiece is loose, or the belt is slipping, the power should be immediately cut off. After the spindle stops rotating, repair, adjustment, and replacement should be carried out to ensure that it returns to normal before starting work.

During drilling, it is strictly prohibited to wipe the chips with cotton yarn or blow them with a mouth, and it is not allowed to directly eliminate the chips by hand. Instead, it should be cleaned with a brush or iron hook.

When drilling, if the chips are too long, they should be cut in a timely manner to prevent personal injury.

When drilling near the drill bit, the pressure must be low to prevent excessive pressure from suddenly drilling through and damaging the drill bit and workpiece.

When drilling, the head should not be too close to the bench drill, and a suitable distance should be maintained.

After the work is completed, the power must be cut off and the drill and surrounding areas cleaned. After the drilling machine is used, the power must be cut off and the leaking sliding surface and workbench must be wiped clean, and lubricating oil must be added to each sliding surface and lubrication point.

Without the consent of this team, it is not allowed to use a bench drill arbitrarily. This machine is a dedicated machine for dedicated personnel. Non operators are strictly prohibited from starting and operating it. Any consequences caused by the operator's insistence on operating it will be their own responsibility.