Maintenance and upkeep of bench drills

1. Before work

1.1 Check whether all operating handles, switches, and knobs are in the correct position, whether the operation is flexible, and whether the safety devices are complete and reliable.

1.2 Add lubricating oil according to the lubrication requirements, and then turn on the power supply.

1.3 Run at low speed for 3-5 minutes and confirm normal operation before starting work.

2. At work

2.1 It is strictly prohibited to carry out overloaded or high-performance operations and processing.

2.2 The loading and unloading of drill bits should be stopped, and the cone surface of the drill chuck and taper shank milling cutter bit should be wiped clean, and the clamping should be firm. When unloading, gently tap with a standard inclined iron and copper hammer, and it is strictly prohibited to use other objects to knock indiscriminately.

2.3 Workpieces and fixtures should be correctly fixed, and it is prohibited to operate with gloves.

2.4 If any abnormal phenomenon occurs during the operation of the machine tool, it should be stopped immediately, and the cause should be identified and dealt with in a timely manner.

3. After work

3.1 Each control handle must be placed in the "stop" position to cut off the power supply.

3.2 Conduct daily maintenance and upkeep.

3.3 If not used for a long time, oil should be applied to the unpainted surface of the drilling machine for maintenance.

4. Periodic maintenance

4.1 The drilling machine should undergo periodic maintenance after three months of operation, with a maintenance time of 1-2 hours, mainly operated by operators and coordinated by maintenance workers.

4.2 First cut off the power supply and then carry out maintenance work

Serial number Maintenance parts Maintenance content and requirements

1. Maintain and scrub the machine tool to ensure no oil stains or rust.

2. Complete with screws and nuts. Check the flexibility of the transmission system and the tightness of the belt.

Wipe the motor with 3 electrical appliances, check and tighten the zero connection device.

4. Regularly lubricate the bearings of the main shaft pulley and the bearings under the main shaft with butter (clean once a year, remove the main shaft pulley and spline sleeve, remove the bearings from the bearing seat, and then add butter)

5. Other friction parts and bearings are lubricated with oil to lubricate the bearings under the spindle and injected into the spline sleeve of the spindle pulley with oil